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The Root Reset

A Comprehensive Alternative Approach to anxiety, trauma, and ADHD

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Thinking in a new way

Breaking the ideas that have limited our ability to find new paths to health, recovery, healing, and happiness. This is a place for new information, new ways of thinking, new opportunities to reach your true potential without the constraints of traditional medicine and therapy.

Root Reset is shaking up the way we think about our bodies.

Exploring Alternative Therapies

Root Reset looks is an alternative approach to treating anxiety, trauma, and ADHD. Our team believes with a combined approach you can gain health, happiness and relief. by examining its origins, specific to each individual. 

We see these conditions as a collection of symptoms as an indication that the individual may be enduring trauma patterns with courage versus labeling them as “broken”. 

The current treatments convey a belief that something is permanently wrong with them, when in reality, there are biological underpinnings of true mental health that are largely overlooked or under-regarded. 

Deb’s background is multifaceted and has allowed her to bring these powerful tools together to create powerful change for people who thought recovery was out of reach. Debbie Radvar’s certifications include: LMT, CST-Cranial Sacral Therapist, Certified Lifeline Practitioner, TMB-Total Body Modification Practitioner, NAET Practitioner, Matrix Energetics, Certified NLP Practitioner, Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner. 

The Root Cause

Mental imbalance is multi-faceted in nature, therefore our goal is to identify & correct the root cause by addressing biochemistry, trauma stored in the body, an over-facilitated nervous system and subconscious triggers.

Project Overview

The same powerful brain chemistry that leads us to create our survival in the world – when hijacked by dopamine stimulating drugs, trauma and nutrient deficiencies – is the same powerful force that keeps people from healing. It’s a vicious chemical cycle, when left untreated, entraps individuals in an agonizing painful loops.


The Root Reset Protocol is built to interrupt this loop.

By restoring brain chemistry and original system blueprints, we are maximizing resilience and shifting the body’s burden to coherence and total energetic balance. We are expanding your capacity to correct the imbalance verses masking the symptoms through self-medicating and band-aid treatments. 


Ultimately, the Root Reset Protocol is rebooting the body’s set point to its natural calm and “feel good” chemicals.

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